The Federal-Empire is a neo-classical style from 1780 to 1850 perfect for elegant settings

Medallions - Federal

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Zeigt 1 - 48 von 68 Produkten

Zeigt 1 - 48 von 68 Produkten
Einsparung $5.32
IPNP1058 medallionIPNP1058 drawing
Einsparung $10.54
IPMED300-POL Federal Medallion 12-3/4" (32.3cm) ArchPolymer
Einsparung $10.36
IPNP1023H ceiling medallionIPNP1023H medallion drawing
Einsparung $8.09
IPNP1023 rosetteIPNP1023 Rosette 15 inches
Einsparung $9.19
IPNP1023H-POL-KIT Ceiling Medallion 15" (38.1cm) ArchPolymerIPNP1023H medallion drawing
Einsparung $9.59
IPMED320 medallion
Einsparung $16.74
IPMED321 Medallion
Einsparung $16.97
IPMED322 medallion
Einsparung $6.36
IPNP1056 ceiling medallionIPNP1056 drawing
Einsparung $9.64
IPNP1005 medallionIPNP1005 medallion
Einsparung $11.94
IPNP1005H ceiling medallionIPNP1005H ceiling medallion
Einsparung $11.37
IPNP1021 diskIPNP1021 disk drawing
Einsparung $14.03
IPNP1021H ceiling medallionsIPNP1021H Drawing
Einsparung $17.80
IPMED103 Medallion
Einsparung $20.98
IPMED104 medallion
Einsparung $29.80
IPMED506 Medallion 17-1/2" diameterIPMED506 medallion drawing
Einsparung $12.91
IPMED506 medallionIPMED506 Medallion drawing
Einsparung $29.12
Einsparung $16.40
IPMED521 medallion 21 inchIPMED521 medallion 18 inch
Einsparung $33.55
IPMED521-GRG Federal Ceiling Medallion 18" (45.72cm) GRG-NeoPlasterIPMED521 drawing
Einsparung $11.13
IPNP1042 Octagon medallionIPNP1042 octagon medallion drawing
Einsparung $20.59
IPMED107 DrawingIPMED107 Federal Style
Einsparung $12.65
IPNP1066 Federal medallion 18 inchIPNP1066 medallion drawing
Einsparung $12.41
IPMED820IPMED520 hole and canopy
Einsparung $20.92
IPMED108 medallion drawingIPMED108 medallion
Einsparung $11.20
IPNP1043 Federal MedallionIPNP1043 drawing
Einsparung $12.01
IPNP1002 oval medallion
Einsparung $12.44
IPNP1002H federal medallion drawingIPNP1002H Federal Medallion
Einsparung $13.21
IPNP1016 MedallionIPNP1016 size drawing
Einsparung $12.05
IPNP1016H Federal Style MedallionIPNP1016H Federal Style medallions
Einsparung $20.73
IPMED110 Federal Style MedallionIPMED110 Federal Style
Einsparung $17.99
IPNP1050 medallion Federal StyleIPNP1050 medallion drawing
Einsparung $16.21
IPNP1050H-POL Federal Ceiling Medallion 20-1/2" (52cm)IPNP1050H-POL Federal Ceiling Medallion 20-1/2" (52cm)
Einsparung $29.00
IPMED109 medallion Federal StyleIPMED109 medallion
Einsparung $38.19
IPMED509 Federal Style IPMED509 drawing
Einsparung $18.36
IPMED509 Federal StyleIPMED509 drawing
Einsparung $38.78
IPMED507 Federal Style MedallionIPMED507 Medallion shown with chandelier
Einsparung $18.67
IPMED507 medallion Federal StyleIPMED507 Medallion Federal Style
Einsparung $19.26
IPDP102 Federal Style medallionIPDP102-POL Federal Ceiling Medallion 24" (60.96cm) ArchPolymer
Einsparung $43.11
IPMED521 Federal MedallionIPMED521 Drawing
Einsparung $33.16
IPMED521 medallion Federal StyleIPMED521 Federal Style Drawing
Einsparung $17.91
IPNP1053 medallion federal styleIPNP1053 projection
Einsparung $17.91
IPNP1053H Federal Style MedallionIPNP1053H medallion projection
Einsparung $23.95
IPMED125 medallion federal styleIPMED125 medallion federal style
Einsparung $36.45
IPMED127 Federal Style IPMED127 Drawing
Einsparung $35.71
IPMED129-POL Federal Medallion 25-1/2" (64.77cm) ArchPolymerIPMED129 side view
Einsparung $38.70
IPMED132 medallion 26-1/2 inchesIPMED132 ceiling medallion
Einsparung $22.63
IPNP1040 Medallion Federal StyleIPNP1040 medallion drawing

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