Rings are used for the exterior of buildings, wall decoration and expanding an existing ceiling medallion without taking down a chandelier


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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
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Imperial Productions IPRG1019-POL Ring 35-1/8 inch
Sale price$102.10 Regular price$145.86
Save $113.57
Imperial Productions IPRG1000-S4-POL Ring
Sale price$264.99 Regular price$378.56
Save $71.62
IPMRD8011 with kit
Imperial Productions IPMRD8011-POL Ring 54 Inches
Sale price$167.12 Regular price$238.74
Save $103.13
IPRG1010 Ring
Imperial Productions IPRG1010-POL Ring 44-1/4 inches
Sale price$240.64 Regular price$343.77
Save $90.90
IPRG1001 four part ringIPRG1001 ring
Imperial Productions IPRG1001-POL Ring
Sale price$212.12 Regular price$303.02
Save $63.73
IPMRD8010 SPLIT 2 with kitIPMRD8010-S2-KIT-POL Ring
Imperial Productions IPMRD8010-S2-KIT-POL Ring
Sale price$148.71 Regular price$212.44
Save $74.75
IPMRD8010-S4 with kitIPMRD8010-S4-KIT-POL Ring
Imperial Productions IPMRD8010-S4-KIT-POL Ring
Sale price$174.44 Regular price$249.19
Save $67.23
IPRG1002 shown with kitIPRG1002-POL Ceiling Ring
Imperial Productions IPRG1002-S4-POL Ring
Sale price$156.89 Regular price$224.12
Save $54.03
IPMRD8010 RingIPMRD8010 Ring close up
Imperial Productions IPMRD8010-POL Ring
Sale price$162.07 Regular price$216.10

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