Biedermeier Corbels and consoles are used on building exteriors and cabinetry. They are simple scroll styles

Corbels Biedermeier - simple scroll style

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Mostrando 1 - 7 de 7 productos
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IPE1001-POL-PK1 Mission Style Corbel 10" high Pack of 1 (Sale US$46.11/ea)
Ahorrar $77.66
IPUP257-CHR Scroll Corbel CherryIPUP257-CHR Scroll Corbel Cherry
Imperial Productions IPUP257-CHR Scroll Corbel Cherry
Precio de venta$232.97 Precio habitual$310.63
Ahorrar $48.09
IPUP257 Basswood CorbelIPUP257 Basswood
Imperial Productions IPUP257-BAS Scroll Corbel
Precio de venta$144.26 Precio habitual$192.35
Ahorrar $61.91
IPUP257 Maple IPUP257 Maple Front View
Imperial Productions IPUP257-MAP Scroll Corbel
Precio de venta$185.71 Precio habitual$247.62
Ahorrar $19.26
IPUP254 Cherry CorbelIPUP254 Cherry corbels
Imperial Productions IPUP254-CHR Scroll Corbel
Precio de venta$57.77 Precio habitual$77.03
Ahorrar $14.73
IPUP254 Red Oak IPUP254-ROK Scroll Corbel
Imperial Productions IPUP254-ROK Scroll Corbel
Precio de venta$44.21 Precio habitual$58.94
IPUP254 MapleIPUP254 Front View

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