The Art Deco collection is depicted by the modern clean look of the 1920's and 1930's. It offers sleek geometric forms with rounded edges. Deco Medallions are often finished with high gloss or mirror like paints.

Médaillons - Art Déco

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Affiche 1 - 15 de 15 produits
Economisez $9.74
IPNP1027H ceiling medallion 12 Inch IPNP1027 drawing
Imperial Productions Médaillon de plafond IPNP1027H-POL
Prix réduit$29.20 Prix normal$38.94
Economisez $16.94
IPNP1027H Split with Install KitIPNP1027H split drawing
Economisez $6.85
IPNP1027 medallion 12 inch
Imperial Productions Médaillon de plafond IPNP1027H-POL
Prix réduit$20.55 Prix normal$27.40
Economisez $11.05
IPNP1024H Medallion 14-3/4 InchIPNP1024H medallion 14-3/4"
Economisez $11.08
IPNP1025H medallion 18 inchIPNP1025H diameter
Economisez $13.02
IPNP1019H medallion 21 inchIPNP1019H medallion 21 inch
Economisez $14.48
IPNP1060H ceiling medallionIPNP1060H ceiling medallion drawing
Economisez $14.85
IPNP1030H ceiling medallionIPNP1030H ceiling medallion
Economisez $24.79
IPMED177 Ceiling medallion 27-1/2 inchesIPMED177 Ceiling Medallion 27-1/2 inches
Economisez $24.58
IPNP1035H medallionIPNP1035H drawing
Economisez $22.47
IPNP1035 medallionIPNP1035 drawing
Economisez $34.68
IPNP1059H ceiling medallionIPNP1059H ceiling medallion drawing
Economisez $39.75
IPMED154-POL Art Deco Ceiling Medallion 32-1/2" (82.5cm) ArchPolymer
Economisez $38.41
IPMED169-POL Art Deco Ceiling Medallion 45-5/8" x 29-3/4" (115.88 x 75.56cm) ArchPolymerIPMED169 Drawing 41-5/8" x 29-3/4"
Economisez $102.81
IPMED176 medallionIPMED176 Drawing

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