Crown blocks for ceiling crown mouldings makes it easier for installation. Butt joint crowns into the inside, outside and mid blocks. No need to mitre cut

Corner Blocks for Crowns

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Affiche 1 - 8 de 8 produits

Affiche 1 - 8 de 8 produits
Economisez $16.44
IPNP8167 outside corner blockIPNP8167 x section
Economisez $22.26
IPNP8165 mid crown blockIPNP8165 x section
Imperial Productions IPNP8165-POL Crown Mid Block
Prix réduit$66.75 Prix normal$89.01
Economisez $62.90
IPNP8161 Crown blockCrown Block X section
Imperial Productions IPNP8161-POL-4 Crown Block Pack of 4
Prix réduit$188.71 Prix normal$251.61
Economisez $15.72
IPNP8161-POL Crown BlockIPNP8161-POL Crown Block
Imperial Productions IPNP8161-POL Crown Block
Prix réduit$47.18 Prix normal$62.90
Economisez $14.23
IPNP8166-POL Crown BlockIPNP8166-POL Crown Block
Imperial Productions IPNP8166-POL Crown Block
Prix réduit$42.67 Prix normal$56.90
Economisez $9.35
IPNP8164 mid crown blockIPNP8164 x-section drawing
Imperial Productions IPNP8164-POL Crown Mid Block
Prix réduit$28.04 Prix normal$37.39
Economisez $30.86
IPNP8160 pack of 4IPNP8160 Pack of 4
Imperial Productions IPNP8160-POL-4 Corner Block Inside
Prix réduit$92.57 Prix normal$123.43
Economisez $7.72
IPNP8160 Crown block inside cornerIPNP8160 x-section for crown
Imperial Productions IPNP8160-POL Corner Block Inside
Prix réduit$23.14 Prix normal$30.86

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