Corbels for building exteriors and interior decor. Wide selection for kitchen cabinetry and defining decorative spaces


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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products

Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products
Save $25.94
IPCVC3000 MAPLEIPCVC3000-HMAP Corbel 12" High
Imperial Productions IPCVC3000-HMAP Corbel 12" High
Sale price$60.52 Regular price$86.46
Save $33.72
IPCVC3000 DrawingMission style corbel IPCVC3000 Red Oak
Imperial Productions IPCVC3000-ROK Corbel 12" High
Sale price$78.68 Regular price$112.40
Save $35.36
IPCVC3000 DrawingIPCVC3000 cherry angled view
Imperial Productions IPCVC3000-CHR Corbel 12" High
Sale price$82.49 Regular price$117.85
Save $32.66
IPCVC3005 MapleIPCVC3005 Maple
Imperial Productions IPCVC3005-HMAP Mission Style 10" high
Sale price$32.65 Regular price$65.31
Save $42.23
Imperial Productions IPCVC3005-CHR Mission Style 10" high
Sale price$42.24 Regular price$84.47
Save $28.88
IPCB1044 DrawingIPCB1044-POL
Imperial Productions IPCB1044-POL Bracket
Sale price$67.41 Regular price$96.29
IPUP254 MapleIPUP254 Front View
Save $14.73
IPUP254 Red Oak IPUP254-ROK Scroll Corbel
Imperial Productions IPUP254-ROK Scroll Corbel
Sale price$44.21 Regular price$58.94
Save $19.26
IPUP254 Cherry CorbelIPUP254 Cherry corbels
Imperial Productions IPUP254-CHR Scroll Corbel
Sale price$57.77 Regular price$77.03
Save $45.55
Imperial Productions IPCVC999-MAP Corbel
Sale price$106.27 Regular price$151.82
Save $61.91
IPUP257 Maple IPUP257 Maple Front View
Imperial Productions IPUP257-MAP Scroll Corbel
Sale price$185.71 Regular price$247.62
Save $48.09
IPUP257 Basswood CorbelIPUP257 Basswood
Imperial Productions IPUP257-BAS Scroll Corbel
Sale price$144.26 Regular price$192.35
Save $77.66
IPUP257-CHR Scroll CorbelIPUP257-CHR Scroll Corbel
Imperial Productions IPUP257-CHR Scroll Corbel
Sale price$232.97 Regular price$310.63
Save $45.55
IPCVC999 Red Oak DrawingIPCVC999 Red Oak Angled Pic
Imperial Productions IPCVC999-ROK Corbel
Sale price$106.27 Regular price$151.82
Save $19.67
IPE1001-POL-PK1 Mission Style Corbel 10" high Pack of 1 (Sale US$46.11/ea)
Save $41.26
IPCVB2000-POL-PK2 Corbel 10" high ArchPolymer Pack of 2 (Sale US$48.14/ea)
Save $65.20
IPCVB2000-GRG-PK2 Corbel 10" high GRG-NeoPlaster Pack of 2 (Sale US$76.07/ea)
Save $49.77
IPC4140-MAP Corbel
Imperial Productions IPC4140-MAP Corbel
Sale price$49.77 Regular price$99.54
Save $18.43
IPMRD9002-POL Acanthus Style Corbel 12" high ArchPolymerIPMRD9002-POL Acanthus Style Corbel 12" high ArchPolymer

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